A collection of songs picturing life at Bletchley Park during World War Two

Attention has often been focused on the breaking of Enigma ciphers by men such as Alan Turing – and both Enigma and Turing make an appearance here – but many people (nearly ten thousand by the end of the war) fulfilled a whole variety of roles in the interception and interpretation of enemy radio traffic. The songs celebrate their work too.

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Featuring guest vocals from Brad Bradstock and Marion Hill (Living Archive Band), Sheena Masson (Stocai), and Kevin’s sister Terry Brown.
With Dorien James, saxophone and Andrew King  bass and electric guitar.

Ranging in style from simple piano / vocal
to full orchestral, by way of lounge jazz,
pub sing-along and rock, with touches of Vera Lynn, Eric Coates and even ‘a bit Pink Floyd’, as one listener said.

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“Now I get it - it's a concept album. And it really is excellent, for so many reasons. For a start, I love the CD cover and presentation inside.  I can't tell you my favourite track because each one is special for something: atmosphere, rhythms, melody, sound effects;  and as for the lyrics - amazing! What a difficult theme to put into words, yet you totally succeeded. ”
Lyn Robinson

“Excellent! Really excellent! It must be sent to Cameron Mackintosh for a West End Show - it's all there, the script, everything!”
Bob Hill

“... listening to your CD through a pair of good headphones... It was amazing. I could see the scenes in my mind's eye and a very strange thing happened as I heard the train pulling into Bletchley. I could smell the smoke from the engine! All quite extraordinary; it's an absolutely wonderful piece of work and I can't tell you how much pleasure it's giving me to listen to it...”
Sue Malleson

Review: Fatea online Acoustic Music Magazine

“The story of the Enigma codebreakers has been re-told many times, but rarely in such a straightforward and sympathetic way, and, as the period passes out of living memory, it is time for folk musicians to record and preserve the legacy.  ... a thoughtful and effective piece of storytelling, which carries the narrative accurately and authentically without embarrassment or contemporary agenda.”
 Laura Thomas
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Listeners’ comments

“...what a delight! ... really original and inventive, and in some ways was already a good way down the line to being a documentary!  I also loved some of the melodies, such as 'An Invitation From His Majesty'
Rib Davis

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