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Kevin Adams:

Musician, Songwriter, Sound recordist and Violin repairer

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Kev Adams is a musician, songwriter and violin repairer from Castlethorpe, near Milton Keynes.
He plays fiddle, mandolin, mandola and guitar, and will have a bash at anything else, especially if it has strings. He has appeared at many festivals and folk clubs in the UK and abroad, written and performed music in the theatre and on the radio with the Living Archive Band, and has  recorded incidental music for BBC Radio 4 drama, the Open University and, most recently, for
Crimson Cats Audiobooks. He records and produces his own music, as well as recent CDs by The Living Archive Band, Kobold and Jenkins’ Ear.

Kev Adams, stage

Since becoming disabled in 2010 Kev has had to curtail his activities. He confines himself to his local work performing, writing and recording with the Living Archive Band . In order to stay sane he has also taken to playing electric guitar very loudly in a local covers band, the Essentials, who are world renowned in Ashton, Northants. You can also find him on his blog.

In the studio
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